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Generating independance for a local business.


21 Grams is a family-operated collection of cafes scattered across Sydney’s Northern Beaches. They’ve been pouring artisanal coffee, roasting signature beans and serving breakfast every day for the local community ever since they opened their doors 11 years ago.

21 Grams Narrabeen
Brand Identity
Wordmark Refinement
Logo Refinement
Art Direction
Indoor & Outdoor Signage
21 Grams Narrabeen, a more recent addition to the family, approached us to establish a deliberately unique identity. The clients were looking to create a sense of individuality under which they could operate, whilst still holding true to the family of cafes they originated from.
Working closely with the owners and staff along the project’s timeline we developed an understanding for their profession and commitment to serving the local community. Working in parallel with the client helped us to reinvigorate the cafe in a way that was expressive to those who walk through the doors everyday. This exercise in collaboration allowed us to capture the character of the local area and the diverse range of people from which the cafe draws its energy.

The storefront acts as the foundation of the brand’s identity, and as such received a timeless renewal. The design and development of a new menu board alongside both indoor and outdoor signage combined to express and cement the identity of 21 Grams Narrabeen.

This broad collection of work required the orchestration of both digital and printed deliverables.
The resulting wordmark is a composite of the pre-established identity in which 21 Grams was born. It is combined with a constrasting typographic addition, demanding recognition and individuality amongst its siblings. This allows for a sense of community to be found amongst the rigid nature of its form.

The organised arrangement of type grants space yet carefully maintains composition and structure. In conjunction with the polarity of letterforms, a monochromatic colour palette captures audience attention and establishes a memorable interaction between store and patron. The vast, black surfaces act as a clean and subtle backdrop on which the brand can be effortlessly recognised.

The configuration of the menu board seamlessly categorises products in such a way that it can be comprehended from a great distance. The deliberate and pronounced hierarchy creates a flow through which the reader is guided across a multitude of options.

The identity delivered to 21 Grams Narrabeen is one designed to act as an adaptable foundation. A flexible system that can be easily built upon as the cafe continues to flourish.

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