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Oscar James Hoare and Nathan James McGrath are students, graduates, designers, artists and creatives. They founded their design studio together with the ambition to build a business that can truely help others to succeed. Since then they have worked with a range of clients, big and small, solving real problems and creating genuine design solutions.

Our Story
As founders and creative partners, Oscar and Nathan share a close friendship and a love for quality design. Having already succeeded working together on a number of graphic design projects both in university and the real world, starting a legitimate practice together was the logical next step. Sharing a middle name didn't hurt either.
Our Process
The lens through which we view everything that we do, is one of detail and intent. We want to help our clients create strong visual identities that embody their character and values. In order to achieve this, we follow a series of practices:



Our approach to strategy and design uses insight to inspire new ideas and creative forms of expression. By taking the time to discover what drives our clients, we uncover solutions that change the shape of their business.



With a deep understanding of our client and their operation, we can begin to craft a unique brand identity that is tailored to them as we begin to target their audiences with a functional approach.



Sustained across all stages of our work, we’re very proud of the attention to detail and quality management we deliver. As creative partners, we work together at every stage to provide valuable feedback and to produce thoughtful solutions. Meaning that every outcome has been double checked for consistencies before being published.



User testing is conducted at every stage to ensure high quality outcomes are achieved across all touchpoints. This means that our clients can be reassured that our design solutions work exactly how they were intended.



We often maintain long working relationships with clients in order to manage and control their brand as it grows over time. This means that we follow our client’s growth and continue to revitalise their digital presence. This ensures that the brand identities we create do not diminish over time without proper care or attention.
Our Clients
We are incredibly appreciative of all the clients who have generously lent their trust to us and our ideas. Each and every one bringing us new challenges and opportunities to design solutions across a diverse group of industries.

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Alexander Liebmann Photography
Bernes Films
Bray Smith Architecture
Eighth Merchant
G&A Bowman Plumbing Services
Happy Camper Conversions
Koda ︎︎︎
Landmark Square Developments
Leaps & Bounds Preschool
Limberg Asset Management
Ordinary House
PA Management
Pedavoli Architects ︎︎︎
Perumal Murphy Alessi
Pete Logan Sound

The Pigeonhole Cafe
Vanology Custom Van Conversions
21 Grams Narrabeen