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Down to earth automotive finance


All Trades Commercial Lending are bringing a fresh perspective to an industry that desperately needs to be brought back down to earth. All Trades will bring focus directly to tradesmen who hold an ABN and are looking to finance their next 4WD, ute, van or work vehicle.

All Trades Commercial Lending
Brand Identity
Brand Guardianship
Website Design
Printed Signage
Printed Merchandise
Digital Marketing
In early September we embarked on a journey with All Trades to design and develop a new brand identity system that will bring to life their vision for automotive finance. One that stands apart from the competition and offers a uniquely personalised service.
Communication with our client was sustained throughout the brand identity process as we were guided to deliver an approachable, informal identity that truly fit the needs of our client and their audience. We collaboratively designed and delivered a system of brand imagery, colour and typography that set ATCL apart from the dry, corporate guise other finance brokers seem to follow.

Beyond the brand’s overarching identity, we orchestrated the company’s tone of voice, imagery, printed advertising, digital marketing as well as the complete design and build of their e-commerce website. A tall order that was tackled efficiently and strategically. By building relationships between printed and digital media, we helped to distinguish this new brand in an heavily crowded space. Our extensive work set the foundation to drive this new business forward and set it in motion.
The typeface ‘Shrimp' was selected for its balance of strength and approachability. The unpretentious characters offer bold, heavy lettering that help to support any statements being made, while curved edges help to soften the overall tone of voice and further the approachability of the brand.

The placement and discoid arrangement of the wordmark offers a structure to the logoform and creates a canvas for flexibility within the typography. Central elements like the illustrative wheel can be interchanged with situational imagery that help to extend the applications of the design. When partnering with other brands or events, the illustration can be substituted, while continuing to maintain a strong trademark presence.

The muted tones reflected in the brand’s colour palette are representative of those worn by the target audience, Australian tradesmen. Rough and ready, the deep, natural colours are reflected across the merchandise we produced, as well as being deeply ingrained in the digital presence of the brand throughout the website and digital marketing.

Over the course of the project we captured our clients vision and curated an approachable and contemporary identity that will set All Trades aside from those in the industry.

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