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Transitioning a generation towards a brighter future


CapeAbility is a non-profit charity organisation building towards their launch. They will operate as a specialist learning environment for high school leavers who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and require full-time care.

Brand Identity
Logo Design
Wordmark Design
Brand Pattern
Colour Palette
Modern tertiary education settings are not yet ideal for the development of young people with ASD, so the brand developed for CapeAbility helps to create a series of tools and learning environments that will comfortably support the growth of these students.
The relationship between the brand’s elevating circles is incredibly flexible, allowing it to extend beyond the wordmark and logo form to represent a unique brand pattern.

This brand pattern was designed with consideration towards a fundamental uniqueness of ASD; the ability to recognise pattern. The brand pattern for CapeAbility is a minimalistic interpretation of Rosie Carney’s piano sheet music for “Bud (Rose)”. The colour of the points across the pattern lighten as higher notes are reached.

While you and I may be able to identify the pattern as sheet music, the mind of someone with ASD will be able to translate the visual art into an audible experience. This repetitive translation will help these students to feel comfortable and relaxed as they find themselves in a daunting, new environment. A sense of consistency means a lot to these young people.

Consideration for the idiosyncrasies of the autistic mind were made at every visible touch point across the brand identity. The result is a beautiful, subliminally gentle brand that acknowledges it’s audiences and helps them to transition towards a brighter future.