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Bringing Cuban flair to Australia


Eighth Merchant hopes to soon introduce their fresh, decadent, Cuban export ‘Havana Honey Wine’ to Australia. The wine possess’ a rich golden hue alongside a well balanced palate that creates a true sense of occasion.

Eighth Merchant
Havana Honey Wine
Packaging Design
Digital Design
Towards the beginning of the year, founder Gian Pedavoli and his business partner Jason Lee engaged us to design the label for their new product to ensure its entrance to the market is met with excitement and impact.

We created a unique, multi-sensory label that acknowledge’s it’s audience and anticipates their physical interaction with the product.
A raised, glossy honeycomb texture is applied to the label, helping to form a distinctive background. The honeycomb structure and placement is fragmentary, as is true in nature itself. This three dimensional element helps to create an impressionable interaction with consumers as they handle the product. Consideration was made to each and every element in the pursuit of creating a premium design outcome. The golden tone of the encased liquid is mirrored by the metallic foiling placed onto the signature bee and typography at the forefront of the label. Natural pollen is depicted against the dark background of the label as well in a gentle, floating form that helps to create a calming atmosphere for the bee to reside in.

The jagged edges, featuring on either side of the label, are a unique detailing that meet at the rear of the bottle to form a series of perfect hexagons, stacked subtly to mimic that of a naturally forming honeycomb. The secondary typeface Exo, used across the product detailing, was implemented by Eighth Merchant in their previous endeavours. It acts as a subtle nod to the existing brand and builds upon a sense of consistency between the two products. Acknowledgement of Cuba, the exporting country, has been reflected by the nation’s silhouette being delicately placed into the top left hand corner.
These elements combine to become a distinctive, unique label that extends beyond the bottle as it develops into a flexible identity system with the opportunity to grow across digital and physical mediums.