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A visual identity for an audio based creative


Pete Logan Sound is a small business operating out of Northern Sydney and the Central Coast. As a freelance audio engineer, Pete is helping talented artists by producing their music to an incredibly high standard.

Pete Logan Sound
Brand Identity
Logo Design
Printed Collatoral
Colour Palette
Digital Marketing
We were commissioned to create a strong and cohesive brand identity that reflected the client’s retro aesthetic while balancing the design with a professional approach to recording and mixing.
The two block forms are an interpretation of Pete’s initials, with the ‘L’ symbolising the structural form of a mixing console.

Each brand colour informs a different working relationship between Pete and his clients. The interchangeable colour logoform is associated with different ‘packages’ offered onto artists. Acting as a visual scale for different services, our client can distinguish between a quick mixing project and a long, album-length recording session.

The flexibility of the brand’s colour palette allowed us to create an independent series of business cards and a vivid collection of invoices. A website is being prepared, and is set for launch in 2021.