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Helping dreamers to explore Australia their way.


Vanology is based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, where they design and construct custom camper vans for a broad range of clients across Australia. They believe that a unique and personalised van is the greatest way to explore the beautiful coastline this country has to offer.

Brand Identity
Graphic Design
Website Design
Digital Marketing Campaign
Art Direction
Towards the end of April, we began working closely with Vanology to design a thoughtful and adventurous brand identity as well as help them to launch a dynamic marketing campaign.

We were supplied a flexible brief that presented an open challenge across all stages of the project. The objective was to establish a brand that would be suitable for application across the company’s website and social media marketing. It was this digital priority that led us to design a branded system of colour and shape that could scale alongside Vanology and it’s ever-growing collection of clients.
When conceptualising a design solution for Vanology’s brand identity we placed a great deal of importance on the brand’s look and feel, and to make sure the outcome was of a ‘premium’ solution. Our use of a natural colour palette in conjunction with clear, legible typography allowed us to create an identity that stands apart from Vanology’s competitors and confidently reflects the quality of workmanship offered onto their clients.

We selected and modified the typeface Optician Sans for the Vanology wordmark. This modern interpretation of lettering used in historical eye charts and optotypes for centuries, was chosen to help increase legibility for the wordmark in both physical and digital applications.

When creating the logo our aim was to construct an accompanying body to the Vanology wordmark, one that brought meaning and emotion to the brand. Although the primary function of the logo is to resemble van doors opening, an array of subliminal meaning exists beyond these unpretentious forms. The shapes were designed to mirror opening windows, an open book, the letter “V” and even two hills with a road split down the centre. Each of these interpretations carry a unique meaning, however they all come together to symbolise the beginning of a journey.

The logo and wordmark, paired with a deliberately strong presence of Australian landscape throughout the brand, helps to communicate an adventurous, enviable lifestyle that all starts with Vanology and their custom van conversions.

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